Rose For Emily

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In William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily” the story of an eccentric southern aristocrat from the view of the community she lives in. the story opens with the death of the main character, Miss Emily Grierson. Faulkner described Miss Emily’s life circumstances through a series of flash backs. Faulkner explains his story is an example of a person having their hopes and aspirations for their life dashed over time, and only later to realize how through poor decision making, they have broken every value and belief they hold, then proceeding to punish themselves indefinitely.
Brooks and Warren begin by approaching the story from the psychological mindset of Miss Emily. They point out without finding the meaning behind Miss Emily’s actions, the story is merely a story of abnormal psychology. By being able to understand where the motives came from for Miss Emily’s actions the reader is much more able to see that Miss Emily was not just a mentally disturbed individual with no real cause for her condition. The idea that Miss Emily refuses to submit to the group mentality of …show more content…

Fetterley contends that the story is that of a male dominated past and future, and a woman who is oppressed and victimized by her society systems. In life, Miss Emily’s father had been able to keep her as a possession and control her life. In his death, the community of Jefferson stepped into that role. Miss Emily was more considered as an object than a person to most everyone her entire life. Fetterley points out the real wrong done to Miss Emily was in making her a “Miss”. In the act of making Emily a lady certain characteristics and beliefs are immediately associated with Miss Emily. It is these beliefs of what a lady is and does that allows Miss Emily to murder Homer with poison bought at the drug store without so much as a raised eyebrow. The thought of a lady committing murder never crosses the community’s

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