Roy Adaptation Model . An Overview Of The Roy Adaptation

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Roy Adaptation Model An overview of the Roy Adaptation Model Roy’s adaptation model is one of the most commonly applied nursing frameworks in varied aspects of nursing practice. The application of the Roy’s Adaptation Model is guided by the anticipated goals as well as the nature of patient’s adaptation that is required for monitoring purposes (Andrews, & Roy, 1999). Roy’s Adaptation Model is favored by nurses in different fields because it is flexible and a very useful model which can be applied in multifaceted cases in a manner that is consistent. Indeed, the Roy’s Adaptation model has been recognized as one of the most important conceptual frameworks that is applied by nurses in practice, during the process of conducting research, …show more content…

It is important to note that the model is applied after an assessment of behaviour and factors that influence adaptive abilities has been done through an intervention so as to expand the individual’s abilities as well as enhanced environmental interactions. Key components of the Roy Adaptation Model Adaptation Based on the theory, adaptation involves the process as well as outcomes that involve individuals use their thinking and feeling so as to apply their conscious awareness and choice so as to create integration of human and the environment. Adaptation is important for the attainment of optimal health and sustaining well-being of a person, the quality of life, and their death with dignity. At the adaptation level, then the condition of the processes that characterize life are evaluated in-depth. Ro describes such levels as inclusive of; integrated, compromised, and compensatory life processes (Roy & Andrews, 1999). Thus, a life process that is considered as integrated may actually change to attain a compensatory process that is focused on reestablishing adaptation. Further, inadequacy in the compensatory processes may result into the compromised processes. According to the Roy’s Adaptation Model, coping processes also include innate as well as acquired mechanisms of coping. Mechanisms considered innate are determined genetically

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