Ruby Mine Short Story

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“Ruby Mines, please come to the office.” A voice said over the intercom. Even though Ruby was my best friend, I wasn’t worried. Calls down to the office are just usually minor things. That’s what I thought. But, as I was about to discover, they could also be major.
Ruby ran up to me after school that day with her face creased with worry. She explained that she was suspected of stealing the 7th grade student files, a crime that was committed a day earlier. I knew she never did it. She said that Lexi Marker, a girl in our grade was the one that turned her in. Lexi was a very popular girl, but loved attention (too much), and so probably just wanted to put the spotlight on her. I really didn’t want to have to be involved in a mystery, they’re …show more content…

Running up to her I said, “Lizzi, be careful. Have you told your locker combination to anybody lately? One of your friends might be the thief!” “I know who stole my phone and I have proof to frame her to. You can just get out of my life because I have a picture of Ruby Mines stealing from Kaytie Mills and I’m about ready to go turn it in to Mr. Johnston.” she said. I got an idea, though to make it work I would have to use my amazing lying skills. Even then, though, I might just make things worse for Ruby and sound dumb. I decided to go for it. I needed more clues. I said, “Can I come? I have some evidence against her too. I mean, I’ve been trying to prove her innocent, but all of the evidence says she’s guilty. I just need this problem to be out of my life.” Lizzi looked at me skeptically and said, “Whatever.” We walked down to the office in silence. When we got there, Lizzi and I took a seat. “Mr. Johnston, Rose and I have evidence that Ruby Mines is guilty of stealing the student files and breaking into people’s lockers.” Lizzi stated. I nodded at her to signal that she should go first. “I have a picture of Ruby standing by Kaytie Mills locker.” Lizzi said. “Can you show this to me?” Mr. Johnston asked …show more content…

This time I stepped in. “Lizzi, I don’t think it will be that easy. Your phone was reported stolen last Thursday.” Lizzi turned pale. “I got a new phone.” she said. “Oh, but, why would you need to. Yeah! Why would you do that when you just could go home and use your phone, since you were the one that stole your phone.” I retorted. “No…” she started, but stopped when Mr. Johnston glared at her. “Silence.” he said. “Rose, thank you. I’ll talk to you later.” The next half hour was Lizzi trying to get out of confessing. Eventually, he found out that she was behind it all just because she wanted to get Ruby kicked off the basketball team. Lizzi was so annoying! She said she didn’t like how good Ruby was because she didn’t want Ruby to take her spot on the A team. This was probably the only logical thing she ever did, although it was mean. I’m sure Ruby will be a little scared when she hears that Lizzi thought she was good enough to kick her off the team! Lizzi was forced to hand everything over, including her spot on the basketball team, but I couldn’t sit and ponder that long. I was wondering was how long I would have to wait before telling Ruby everything. Although, I really considered running to tell her right then, I discovered it wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Right after Lizzi was sent home for out of school suspension, I heard, “Ruby Mines, please come to the

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