Ruby Red by Linzi Glasses

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“but friendship, much like talent, knows no boundaries” pg.3.In Linzi Glasses novel Ruby red, ruby along with her family believe that black and white people should treated be equally. Dashel and Julian along side the winters are also strong on staying true to their beliefs. in this book the importance of staying true to ones beliefs is very strong. Everyone has different notions and they don’t change based on other people.

Ruby believes that people should not be treated differently because of the colour of their skin and there should be equality between black and white people. Ruby is different to most seventeen year olds students and Barnard high, She is a prefects and seems like the normal popular girl at school. She's not thats because she cares about the Afrikaans unlike most other student at her school. She was teased and called names “the black-loving commie is bleeding red!” of course this didn't make her feel good about herself but she still stuck to what she believed. Mrs and Mr winters disapproved of ruby becoming friends with Afrikaans, they had thought of danger. “hypocrites! both of you.’ I shook my head. ‘ Acceptance of some but not others? what happened to ‘all men are created equal’?’ i circled them both in a slow dance of my own. ‘or selective? black and white, but not English and Afrikaans.’” pg. 62. being friends with Loretta show that she thinks it doesn't matter if you are a different race or colour. To ruby these things don’t matter, she thinks they

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