Rules Of Delegation

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Rules of Delegation

In the Texas Board of Nursing “Rules and Regulations” chapter 224 and 225 explain what an RN should delegate and what can be delegated in certain situations. There are five rights of delegation including the right task, right circumstance, right person, right direction and communication, and right supervision. These five rights must always be considered before any sort of delegation can occur.

Chapter 224 gives rules on delegating tasks to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) in an acute care setting. This involves patients who are unstable and unpredictable. The RN is responsible for assessing the nursing needs of the patient, creating a plan of action, implementing the plan, and evaluating the patient’s response. The initial assessment must always occur prior to any delegation. After the assessment is done, the nurse must consider the five rights of delegation to make sure he/she is delegating appropriately. Competency of the …show more content…

With a stable patient the nurse may delegate insertion or irrigation of a urinary catheter, ventilator or tracheal care, care of broken skin with low risk of infection, and administration of medication orally, via permanently placed feeding tube, sublingually, topically, vaginally, or rectally. Insulin may be delegated to a UAP caring for a stable patient, but it is very carefully monitored. An RN must be on call and available 24 hours every day, teaching about the medication must be provided to the UAP and patient, written instructions must be left for the UAP, and the RN must be able to make supervisory visits to the patient’s location at least three times in the first sixty

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