Rules When Dating Research

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Bullying is not nice. It's like tantalizing someone for no reason. It makes you feel like you just got rejected. That's why many people now ask people out over text. I would hope that my kid's never ask anyone out over text. I know it's a rule that I can't do it in my house. When I have kids I will also have many rules on dating. My first rule when dating is that my son or daughter can't go on dates if it begins to affect there school work. If any of there grades drop below a "c," they are not allowed to go on any dates. Once they get there grade back up they can continue to go out. In my opinion school comes before social life. The final part of this rule is on nights they have a test, they must stay home and study. After they have studied…show more content…
On weekend they can stay out until one A.M. , but I need to know where they are and they need to wake me up when they are home. If they are not back in time they will need to compensate for that. I will be completely unflinching in this, because they need to learn there lesson. Finally I will give them a terse scolding to make sure my point is clear. If this happens twice they will have there phone taken away for a week. For every time after this it will be take away for a month. Which is a teenagers worst nightmare. My final and most important rule is that they can't date until they are in high school. I will feed my children only fodder until they split up, then they can eat human food again. I do this because I feel in middle school you are just not mature enough to date. Once you get to high school I feel the kids are mature enough to have a significant other if they so choose. They also need to tell me when they get a better half. If I find out there dating and I didn't know about it, they will be in big trouble. So those are some of my rules for dating when my children date. That is if they don't get rejected. I hope this never happens because it's just as bad as getting teased. That's why I hate when someone jeers at me. It makes you feel bad inside. That's why bullying it not
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