Running Head : A Sustainable Energy Proposal

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Running head: A SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROPOSAL 1 A Sustainable Energy Proposal Gwynedd Mercy University SCI 2000 From Telescope To Microscope Thomas R Becker A SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROPSAL 2 Abstract In an age of rapid global changes from our own country and beyond, there remains societal, socio-economic upheaval and political uncertainty while war and poverty continues. What our generation is now responsible for is how to reverse or at least slow down the impact of these self destructive enemies. Some may assume that our demise is in a nuclear war holocaust in appearing sooner that a natural, climate change end of man. It is easy to see how the economy in certain regions of the world is in danger of collapse. Drought and natural disasters seem to have taken precedence as these kinds of assaults attack the world in a non-discriminatory fashion. It is easy to become overwhelmed and begins to question what our next decade is going to be like; that is if tomorrow still appears. In this paper, a coordinated policy
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