Russia and Latin America's Responses to Industrialization Essay

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In the 19th century, Russia and Latin America responded similarly to industrialization in the formation of a growing middle class, in a “boom” in exports and new economic ties, in urbanization, and in similar acts of revolutionary disobedience against a dictator. Latin America, as a result of industrialization, created a small market for manufactured goods unlike Russia’s vast industrial market powered by foreign investments. Also, there were long-term effects to Russia’s revolution in which a socialist political party was created as a result of industrialization, unlike Latin America which was immobilized with regional conflicts and factionalism.

The globalization of industrialization began in Britain, spread throughout continental
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This contributed to large-scale strikes that inspired a group of intellectual Russians, founded in the concepts of Marxist socialism, to make plans for reformation. In the late nineteenth century, these workers began the process of social change in educating laborers, organizing unions, and, later on, taking revolutionary measures to improve workers’ conditions.In addition, workers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cities that were the main focus of industrial enterprises, created their own representative councils (soviets) which organized peasant uprisings, revolts of non-Russians, and student demonstrations. The cause of this unrest was largely due to the tyrannic authority of the tsar, who was a symbol of Russia’s “backwardness” in that there was no national parliament, legalized political parties, nor nationwide elections due to his absolute authority. Thus, Russia, as a response to industrialization, experienced an economic “boom” in their formation of major industries to export goods; in order to develop the new industrial centers, a middle class also grew to encompass the growth of industry. Also, due to the prominent growth of factory workers due to industrialization, revolutions occurred in order
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