Why Were There Two Revolutions In Russia In 1917

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“Why were there two revolutions in Russia in 1917? Why did the Provisional Government exist for mere months, yet the Bolsheviks had consolidated their authority in the country by Lenin’s death in 1924?”

Between February and October in 1917, two revolutions occurred due to the Governments failing to fulfill the needs of the Russian people. With the Tsar in power during Bloody Sunday that formed riots and Government unrest and also the Russo-Japanese War and World War One that left the Russian people humiliated and in disarray. The reign of the Provisional Government was short due to failures to provide land and food to the peasants and also the failure to pull Russia out of World War One caused chaos throughout Russia once more. The rise …show more content…

The Government corruption was immense, the Russian economy was backwards, the Tsar repeatedly crumbled the Dumas, Russia’s involvement in Russo-Japanese war and World War One was disastrous, the fact that he ignored the requests of the people, and he had no support of the military, it left him no other choice to abdicate from power.

With the collapse of the Tsar’s Government in March 1917, the members of the Duma set up the Provisional Government, led by Alexander Kerensky. The Provisional Government had one disadvantage, it’s leaders, who were all associated with the middle class and were not seen as having anything in common with the working class, therefore it made the Provisional Government’s job of representing the working class a whole lot harder. There were many main reasons why the Provisional Government only existed for mere months, with a large majority of those reasons being that their decisions were greatly unpopular among the Russian people. A major blunder by the Provisional Government that greatly affected their existence was the refusal of land reforms, this seemed to back up the point that the Provisional Government did not understand the desires of the poor and didn’t take into account their living conditions. Another factor that lead to the removal of the Provisional Government was the fact

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