S. E. Hinton Passion

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Have you ever read S.E. Hinton’s book? Hinton is a famous author who wrote about teens and inspires them all over the world. HInton’s books are based on her point of view when she was growing up as a child. She mostly concentrated on theme and character .S.E Hinton is a popular author who writes about how it was to be a teen and teenagers all over the world have read her books. She also sold 4 million books all over the U.S. and is known mostly for her body of work.

S.E. Hinton was born on July 22, 1950 in Oklahoma, Tulsa (“Hinton,S.E.” and (“S(usan)E(loise)Hinton.”). Hinton is 67 years old , currently living in Brooklyn, New York as an American (“S.E.Hinton”) (“S.E.Hinton”Jon) (“S.(usan)E(loise)Hinton.”). She graduated High School and she earned a B.S. at the University at Tulsa in
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Hinton passion was to write stories and novels about adults and teens (“Hinton,S.E.”). Her secondary job was working as a consultant on the film adaption of her novels, it involved the casting, script writing,directing and even acting (Chaston). Grady P. Hinton and Lillian P. Hinton are S.E. Hinton parents, she also had a younger sister named Beverly (“Hinton,S.E..”) (“S.E.Hinton”). “She met her future husband David Inhofe, in school” (Chaston). Later on they got married in 1970 and had one kid named Nicholas David (“S.E.Hinton”) (“S(usan)E(loise)Hinton.”). One of her school friends mother read the manuscript and immediately saw commercial possibilities for the book. The women, a writer herself, urged to Hinton to get in touch with her agent in New York (“S.E.Hinton”). When Hinton S.E. was in junior she found out her dad was diagnosed with cancer, a terrible and fatal disease. To help her dad deal with his

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