S.E. Hinton Will Change History

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Uprising S. E Hinton will change history and indicated the diversity between rich and poor at the age of 17. Hinton is a significant author who had been implanted into cultural literacy such as her first book that showed readers about adolescences trying to survive in the world.
According to Antoine Wilson’s biography “…you should know about S.E. Hinton is that the “S. E.” stands for Susan Eloise, and that Susan Eloise is a woman”(Wilson 7). The life of a remarkable woman who changed history forever was born on July 22, 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In an in interview with Globe and Mail, S. E. Hinton talks about her most successful novel The Outsiders. Directly from the interview, “…your first novel is older than you are…I wrote it when I was 6…” (Globe and Mail). S. E. Hinton could probably read before walking, as a child Hinton’s adrenaline was reading and writing. From a young age, Hinton’s passion has been reading. . In 1960 Hinton was a junior in high school when she completed her first book. In 1961 Hinton got her book published by the help of her friend’s mother helped her since she was a writer (About S.E. Hinton). During her college years she attend the University of Tulsa. Her plans was to become a teacher, but then realized it wasn’t a job for her (Random House). During, college she met David Inhofe, who helped her with her writing. They later got married in 1970 and had a son that was born in August of 1983. Hinton then suffered from writers block for 3 years, she

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