SNOW Mountain Case Study Essay

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Introduction to HRM HRM08101 Integrated Case Study -SNOW Mountain Hotel- Contents Introducation The aim of this report is to clarify the new strategic orientation of the parent organisation to all the HR team from SNOW Mountain Hotel about recent changes. Nowadays Human Resources needs to be more integrated to the business and add value to the organisation. It is known that HR functions must become more strategic and business linked, that is why a change for the better is necessary. (SBP) For the HR function to operate strategically, some people within the organisation, the line managers, will need to work with day to day HRM issues. It will be analysed in this report the importance of the new…show more content…
They can offer full support because they are serviced-focused. (CIPD,2013b) The shared service centres can be found in house in the smaller organisations or with a network of partner employers that can be reached by phoning the call centre or online on a special internet platform dedicated to the organisation. SNOW Mountain is still discussing whether to implement a shared service centre or not. They are driven by the thoughts that by doing so the whole HR services quality will get better and they can implement the business partner model. Because SNOW Mountain Group is choosing to deliver more HR responsibilities to the line managers, having a shared service centre is very beneficial because the advice received is helpful for the line managers so they can do a better job in managing HR responsibilities. The advantages of this new HR “tool” are a shared know-how which means that if one of the HR department employees is unable to give a prompt and correct answer to a certain question or problem he/she can easily and quickly ask a SSC (Shared Service Centre) colleague. This improves the quality of work done by the HR department and also reducing costs. By having a limited number of employees in one location that can respond to all the queries, the organisation is saving money not duplicating the same task for more people (in house HR Department). (Robinson,2005) Also a good aspect of a SSC is that the HR team is not over called by employees so they can focus on
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