SQL Database Advantages And Disadvantages

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Firstly, SQL databases store related data in tables and SQL queries can be used to retrieve large amount of records from a database by using SELECT statement quickly and efficiently.
In SQL database, structure and data type are conform to a fixed schema. The columns must be decided and locked before data entry whereas each row must contain data in its column. To store a new data item, the entire database must be altered, during which time the database must be taken offline.
Furthermore, SQL is a portable system runs in program on mainframes, PCs, laptops, servers and mobile phones. Database that use SQL is compatible in every device because it runs in local systems, intranet and internet.
SQL is easy to learn and understand. It is because …show more content…

ACID properties enable the system to manage a certain characteristic for each transaction. Every transaction is assured that these characteristics are in place. Therefore, SQL can also guarantee the stability, security and predictability both of the entire database and every particular transaction.
Disadvantage of SQL
Although there are many advantages by using the SQL database system, but there are still have drawbacks in using the SQL database system. First, when the size of the database or number of users increases, RDBMS that used SQL will suffer from drop in performance which makes the real time unstructured data processing more challenging. It is because old RDBMS are not able to handle the amount of transactions that modern databases are capable of dealing with every second. For example, Internet leaders like Amazon or Alibaba deal with the large amount of data will bottleneck a RDBMS in a matter of minutes.
Next, SQL database is facing difficulty in interface. It is because SQL database is more complicated than only adding a few lines of code. SQL also need more features that implemented in proprietary way. Although SQL databases meet the ANSI and ISO standards, but some databases go one step further by allowing extensions to suit special needs to ensure vendor

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