The Vasa Case

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Running Head: The Vasa Capsizes Case Assignment

The Vasa Capsizes Case Assignment
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Abstract The “Vasa Capsizes Case Assignment”, is a project management case. We’ll find that if the project leader used many of the project management tools used in today’s projects the Vasa probably would have made numerous voyages for the Swedish fleet. However, because of the lack of a clear written procedure when deviations to the ship building process occurred, no risk analysis and action plan if the risk occurs, along with no project progress reporting the Vasa building team failed and the Vasa sank.
Setup - Definition In our project management checklist under the setup-definition verification there are two key
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Most companies monitor these changes with a deviation or engineering change, with specific dates. The control sheet and log is a project management tool that controls the changes made in the project and tells the project leader and process owner of the modifications. The most notable changes are the change in keel length, from a small ship to a large ship, the number of armament type and quantity on the ship, which changed four times, and its resulting change from one deck to two decks. The death of the shipbuilder had a huge impact as the new apprentice had no information of the details surrounding the building of the Vasa. Shown below is an example of a control sheet that the Admiral could have used for the change due to the stability test.

Change Control Sheet

|Project Title Vasa Shipbuilding |Project Number S-01-16-1625-1 |
|Project Manager Admiral Klas Fleming |

|Originator Admiral Fleming |Date of request 7-4-1628 |Change request no. 05 |
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