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On February 8th, 2002, Stanley Works announced to reincorporate itself as a Bermuda-bases corporation with main intention to save huge amount of money in corporate income taxes. The decision had both positive and negative impacts overall. Stanley’s market value had jumped $200 million dollars- a gain of over 5%- the day after they announced the deal. Three months later, on May 10th, they lost $250 million of market value. Corporate inversion is one of the many strategies companies employ to reduce their tax burden. In other words, a corporate inversion is a process that a company undergoes to change the domicile of the U.S. parent corporation in a multinational corporate conglomerate to a country other than the United States.…show more content…
The United States employs a worldwide taxation system accompanied by a complex system of foreign tax credits. So What the U.S Tax? The United States taxes the worldwide income of its citizens (both resident and non-resident). Accordingly, there is a system of foreign tax credits- a partial credit system- that aims to avoid double taxation (Desai, 2005). How the U.S Tax? The FTC system in the US allocates some expenses, such as interest payments and R&D expenses, based on measures of worldwide activity. Other parts of the tax code apply ratios depending on the circumstances, such as the allocations for export income 863(b) of the U.S Tax Code. When to Tax? Active income of incorporated affiliates overseas is taxed only when dividends are remitted. Active income excludes Subpart F income. And where the U.S. tax? For the most part, the U.S. permits worldwide averaging. Companies are required to segregate income into “basket” and perform tax credit calculations on each of the baskets. The U.S. system creates two classes of firms: “excess credit” firms who foreign tax rate exceeds the U.S. statutory rate, and “deficit credit” firms, whose foreign tax rate is less than the U.S rate. And some incentive effects created by the U.S system apply to both types of firms and other
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