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SWOT ANALYSIS OF HAL’S HARDWARE E-COMMERCE After reading the narrative case study of HAL’S hardware, let me first introduce to you in my own opinion about the SWOT analysis. First and foremost, a SWOT analysis is a strategy in which companies could assess there situational standing for the development and the good of there business and transactions. According to Khushboo in India, “it’s like a mirror to oneself. It tells where the person stands. Strength, gives power. One should analyze his weaknesses. Opportunities should be grabbed and one should overcome his threats”. Yes, I agree to him. Of course, when you are putting up a business you need to know the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and your threats so that it yields good…show more content…
In addition to that, it also helps other companies and suppliers. Running a website is really a big help. It can expand services and features; and because of that, there is an opportunity to increase number of costumers because of its unreachable state. THREATS These are the threats that could possibly encounter when using an electronic website: since it is online, it is vulnerable to the hackers who have bad motives for attacking a website. Company-costumer relationship can also be affected because the costumer can longer buy smaller items and there will no longer interactions between them. Security is a very sensitive issue when it comes to online shopping, it must have high security for the costumers good. Also, competitions even savage because internet has no limit. In order, for the HHI’s to compete, business strategy is a good answer. RECOMMENDATION Here are some recommendations that I think would help the HHI Company: •website should be catchy with more advertisements and information so that it can attract buyers and they could. •trusted, honest and equipped personnel should be the one who will maintain the site. •there should be exceptions or limited products to be ordered online. •the site should have online training courses and consultations for the costumers. •there should have an increase of site’s security. •there’s a need to encourage costumers to create an account to reduce risk of attackers


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