SWOT Analysis: Swot Analysis Of HBL Bank

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Chapter No.4
The SWOT analysis is a comprehensive and critical overview of the operations, procedures rules and regulations, services, and other related activities, the analysis include the analysis of HBL tehsil gate branches in the light if the entire branch and bank specific variables which directly or indirectly affect the operations of the branch. The tool selected for the analysis of organization is SWOT analysis.
4. SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis is an acronym that stands for strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats. This is a careful evaluation of an organizations strength to avail an opportunity by overcoming its weakness and phasing out all the threats to its survival in order to grow and survive.
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• The biggest threat to the operational success of the branch is the better competitor’s services. Many private sector banks are offering higher rates of return to customers than HBL of Pakistan.
• Cannibalization of profits is yet another to the success of bank tehsil gate branch. The branches of HBL bank are located very close to the bank tehsil gate branch and main road branch. All these branches are taking away each other’s customers.
• One of the biggest to the HBL, tehsil gate branch is the increasing rate of dissatisfies customers. Most of these customers were observed to be dissatisfied with the delays in their servicing.
• The greatest threats to the performances of HBL, tehsil gate branch are the decreasing morale of employees. They feel that they are not provided with bonuses. They are not given proper attention to have a say in the annual meetings. The proxy forms are signed on their behalf without letting them know.
• High-pressure interest groups are developing which poses a constant threat to

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