SWOT Analysis of Curtin University

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The Exchange Student Program at Curtin University faces a number of problems, but low application numbers are among the most important. Much of the problem appears to stem from communications issues. In undertaking the situational analysis, there are three main problems that have been identified. The first aspect is a SWOT analysis. The program is well-established, and has a lot of great locations and programs of study. There is funding available in the form of bursaries for students wishing to pursue overseas study as well. The weaknesses, however, include the fact that the program lacks a strong promotional budget, and the communications that it has created do not help students to address key logistical issues that might be a barrier to applying to the program. In addition, there is competition from other universities, like the University of Western Australia (UWA), which also has its own student exchange program that is larger and better-funded. That said, the program has a real opportunity to expand its presence at Curtin, and deliver benefits not only to the students participating, but to the student body at large. The program can be used to help draw students to the university, since exchange programs are often popular. There remains competition from other schools for this business however. In addition, there is always the threat that partners will decide not to maintain their relationships with the school, or that funding problems will reduce the scope of the
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