Sacred Heart Church

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Sacred Heart Church is the second oldest church located 1307 14th Street SW in Downtown Westside in Calgary, Canada. It is founded in 1910. There are two main complexes in this architecture, the older complex that is constructed in 1910 and an additional edition in 1930. Throughout the years, the Sacred Heart Church has constantly been adding additional architectural structures and expanding its size. Both complexes in the Sacred Heart Church are rectangular in plan. They both are red brick structure with dull green tiled roof. The roof does not cantilever over the structure hence the shadeless entrance, sides, corridors and gardens. The newer structure is larger in size, with the longer axis perpendicular to 14th street, whereas the second complex’s longer axis is parallel to it. Even though the two complexes are placed adjacent and perpendicularly to one another, it does not create a typical Catholic transept plan as it is not a symmetrical cross. The short rectangular structure is offset towards the main entrance of the church as supposed to the back end. There is approximately 8-stories tall tower located in the longer structure, towards to the back end of the plan. It has a square base with the top section extruding upwards to a singular point, forming a pinnacle. The main entrance is accessible from the 14th street and is at the front façade of the larger complex. Upon entry, visitors will be lead to the longest path within the church, the nave. Visitor can also
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