Sacrificing Our Identity

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A boy wandered and he came across the grapefruit tree. It was a journey of self-acceptance, the uncertainty of faith, and the crumbling American state of mind. She sang of heartache and sacrifice in the name of god. She sang of identity. “Half orange, half Pomelo,” she said. Just as the boy was half Hawaiian, half Haole, they were so sure of who they were. Yet unknowing to what it means, and to where the boy belongs. We are all on a visual journey to our true selves, and every song and painting, every friend every enemy, another brick on the path; another thistle in the bush. Ours is a visceral journey, and some would compare life and it’s relation to the living as to the swelling of a wave and it’s lone rider. An instance of adrenaline and then we drown, we are helpless in…show more content…
Sacrificing my truth for the lie that I was willing to hold within myself in the confines of this skeletal prison long past when this body has taken it’s last breath. I find comfort in confiding in other’s, my fear of death. My fear of the unknown, my fear of my future and what lies ahead in this veil of lies. A lone space capsule is carrying a body whose soul is long gone by now, whose body has been lifeless for what seemed to be eternities. The capsule has been hurtling through space, and it now approaches the end of its journey. A black hole sings forebodingly at the metal casing of the astronaut’s tomb. The atoms of his coffin rattle at the prospect of the infinite darkness, the cells of his body, although long dead, weep at the visions of coming infinite darkness, the shell of his crypt vibrates with unrequited love. What lies beyond our journey is unknown, and nothing can stop the influence of gravity and the inevitability of the passage of time. We can only begin to understand what life means to us, and by then we are dead. Between the infinite darkness and our journey from the uterus, we
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