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SafeAssign is a resourceful tool provided to both students and staff to help keep up the originality and credibility of assignments. Plagiarism—the crude act of not giving credit to its original source—is equivalent of a crime. SafeAssign aids students as well as their instructors in checking whether or not the student is at risk for academic dishonesty. Unlike regular assignment which are posted on BlackBoard and submitted through there for grading by the professor, SafeAssign requires a set up first before an assignment can be uploaded. Once the student sends the paper for review, it returns with a full report available. The student isn’t required to post his or her personal information on the paper. An icon is set for students to check out their reports from.…show more content…
Less than a fifteen percent match is good news for the student, though more than forty percent ensures the assignment has been copied from somewhere. A professor has the right to upload a student’s assignment on SafeAssign in case he or she feels the assignment has been plagiarized. For students, they can verify their paper’s free of plagiarism issues by getting help from the university’s Student Success Center, Purdue, or any other website or information center that can provide information about the correct way of crediting one’s sources. All in all, SafeAssign is a handy tool for students when they are unsure of whether they did their paper the right way or not. I have often feared committing an unintentional crime of plagiarism and searched for help from online proof readers and plagiarism checkers. For me, SafeAssign is definitely something that’ll aid me on the long
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