Safe Work Practices and Sustainability

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PART 1 - safe work practices & sustainability 1. Describe how you would set up your workstation so that you can comfortably and safely work at your computer (consider computer screen, keyboard, mouse, chair, desk, lighting). Desktop eye level, posture, chair, phone on my right, foot rest, keyboard in front of me, shape of desk 2. Outline what break/rest stops should be taken when using your computer. 10 minutes every hour look at something 6 metres away. Micro breaks – to stretch and relax muscles 3. Explain why it is necessary to ensure your documents are accurate before printing them. So it’s readable Should have a professional image of the company If you print something wrong and have to print to it again your wasting paper 4. Is using the software spell and grammar checker sufficient when proofreading a document? Explain your answer. Spell check can only detect if a word is spelled correctly not if they are used correctly. Sometimes the grammar checkers could be overridden and miss words. Doesn’t check the formatting. 5. Reproduce the table below and use it to list at least three methods of conservation for each of the two categories. Minimising paper wastage Minimising energy use Using both sides Solar power Email Switch off office equipment when not in use (or standby mode) Recycle or buy recycled paper New equipment with a higher energy efficiency PART 2 - design and storage of documents When creating documents it is necessary to clarify all requirements

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