Safeguarding The Protection And Safeguarding Of Children And Young People

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Every setting that works with children must have, by law, a set of policies and procedures that fully cover the protection and safeguarding of children and young people. They are, however, not just in place to protect the children but also the people working with them on a daily basis. The duty of care is placed on the practitioners and professionals in the setting and each settings policies and procedures must incorporate current legislation. Each settings safeguarding policy and procedures need to be tailored to the type of contact that the setting has with children and it should also take into account any particular vulnerabilities of the children with whom the setting has contact; for example, children with a disability. Safeguarding…show more content…
To ensure that children and young people are listened to, and that concerns expressed about child welfare are taken seriously and responded to in an appropriate manner, senior managers must monitor the actions of their staff. All staff must have a full understanding of their settings policies and procedures on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and it is essential that they know who to contact within the organisation to express concerns about a child’s welfare. Practitioners need to be aware of the importance of listening to children and young people, particularly when they are expressing concerns about either their own or other children’s welfare. Effective systems should be put in place for children, staff and other people to make a complaint when there are concerns that action to safeguard and promote a child’s welfare has not been taken in accordance with the settings procedures. In some areas local safeguarding training is organised or delivered by the LSCBs whom take an overall overview. Regular support and supervision provides opportunities for supervisors, staff and volunteers to share any concerns about their work. Supervision also gives the clear message that safeguarding responsibilities are taken seriously and that there is support available for all practitioners and professionals. To ensure safe recruitment a robust recruitment and
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