Safety, Quality, And Leadership

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Safety, Quality, and Leadership in Nursing
Katherine E. MacEnany
Normandale Community College

Safety, Quality, and Leadership in Nursing
The focus of this writing is to establish the role of a professional nurse within organizational systems. To coordinate this writing an interview was conducted with a professional nurse who identified his experiences with safety, quality, and leadership. Through examination of leadership roles, team collaboration, client outcomes, safety, social justice, and political influence, the responsibility of the professional nurse can be appreciated.
Nursing and Leadership Roles
The discussion of professional nursing was conducted with a recently graduated Registered Nurse (RN) named A.
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The nurse’s role includes teaching the client, as well as their families, how to care for themselves. Nurses can teach clients many skills, such as self-care, how to administer medications, and components of a healthy diet. Further, the expectation of the nurse is to provide education tailored to their client’s individual needs dependent on education level, age, cultural background, language, and personal experience (Trakalo, 2014).
Collaborative Strategies and Team Building
The team that provides care to patients at this facility would include the nurses, NSTs, OT, PT, respiratory, and the providers. Among these care teams, the providers are also assigned within teams that are focused around a set of medical issues such as orthopedics, hematology, and neurology (A. Jimenez). Nursing staff is a key influence to the interdisciplinary team as it is the link between providers, and the care team. As nurses assess the patients day in and day out, they are fundamental to monitoring and reporting patient changes within the team.
While A. Jimenez stated that the facility lacked scheduled exercises to foster team building, he still felt the members of the team have a strong sense of group cohesion because of how closely they communicate day-to-day. According to Birx, LaSala, and Wagstaff (2011), “Group cohesion is the outcome of team-building activities and is associated with positive feelings toward coworkers, which are an aspect of job satisfaction” (p.175). A. Jimenez
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