Safety Specialist At Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

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My current job and position is a Safety Specialist at Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP. in Sweeny, Texas. In this position I am instructed to watch over the contractors currently working on our site. My job duties are to make sure the contractors are following theirs and our policies and procedures. In the event that a rule is broken I am to communicate it to my supervisor who in turn contacts the contractor’s management to resolve the issue. If the issue can be resolved at the field safety representative’s level then I will contact whoever is over that area and describe what I have observed. My supervisor asks us to do a minimum of 2 audits per week for which are then captured into a log sheet and graph to be later communicated to our corporate safety department. Once they have received the information it is then sent out to all upper management that is involved in the project I am on. I am also tasked with compiling this information and putting together a short presentation to share with management and the contractor’s onsite. I do this by making a short power point presentation with audit findings and room for improvement items. This power point is then sent in an e-mail to all management, contractor’s and our safety group on the site. Once the contractors have reviewed this information they are to in turn send us a plan on how they can improve for the next month or quarter pending on what I have sent. I send these on a monthly and quarterly basis. If these items do

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