Saint Is The Second Set Of The Boxers And Saints Novels.

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Saint is the second set of the Boxers and Saints novels. The saints tells the story of Four Girl or Vibiana and her struggle in the family, her spiritual journey, and her responses toward the situation in her society . Belonged to the historical fiction genre , the story of Vibiana is built around the Boxers’ rebellion event in China in the 19th century. It is narrated that the main character was born as the fourth child in a family. Four is a bad number in Chinese belief and culture. Born on the same day that her father’s death, combined with the fact that she was the fourth child, her grandfather refuses to name her . Her mother then chose to just call her “ Four – girl”. Four girl growing up wanting to have recognition from her…show more content…
When she was nine years old, four girl met a girl mystical figure in the forest, roasting the raccoon for dinner. In her search of the answer, she went to the forest and witnessed Gabriel giving revelation to Joan . With that sight, she committed herself to join the training in the church (catechism). Four Girl asked whether there would be cookies available in the teaching of the classes she attended ( p. 57) and how she devoured the lunch reward after catechism ( p.59). Page 58 reveals how critical Four Girl was on the teaching and the concept of Christianity. Dr. Won interpreted this as a “ desire to know” ( p. 59) and that she has “spiritual sensitivty”. The catechism classes have convinced Four Girl to embrace Christianity. So she was then baptized under the watchful eyes of Dr. Won , Mrs. Won , and Joan. Returning home, her uncle and Chun her cousin, were waiting for her. Chun was ordered by his father to teach Vibiana, her new name, a lesson for being a Christian . After the incident, her mother told the story of her father who joined a foreign cult and ended up having a tragic life and death. Her mother wanted her to leave the foreign religion and apologize to the family. That night, she decided to leave the house and followed Father Bey . The story moved forward to the age when she was 14. In a dialog, Father Bey asked whether God had spoken to her about her vocation . After a series of questions, Vibiana concluded that she ( God) wanted to become a

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