Salvation Army Pros And Cons

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The Salvation Army is a non-governmental organization that was made solely for the idea to help people. They support people with such activities as; Adult rehabilitation, where people in serious need of help go to them for food, therapy, leisure activities and a clean and healthy living environment. Veterans affairs services help hundreds of thousands of war veterans to live through daily life easier. This program helps with wheelchairs, and helps the veterans with spiritual direction. Prison ministries provide prisoners and those on parole/probation with guidance and assistance. Elderly services offer assistance to seniors and pensioners by offering residences for older adults and activities such as day care, educational classes and hot lunch programs. The Salvation Army attempts …show more content…

They provide housing for those in need and other services for the homeless. These include food, utility assistance, overnight lodging and group homes. A big part of the “Salvos” is that around Christmas time, people can go into shopping centers like K-Mart and put presents under a big tree there. Those presents are brought all the way to children and families in need, just so they can be brightened their time in what would normally be a time of sorrow. Youth camps are a nice part of the Salvation Army’s curriculum as they provide young, disadvantaged kids with the chance to meet up with new friends, have a fun time and enjoy many fun, recreational activities such as learning to swim, adventure and scouting, arts and craft, music development and sports. Kroc corps is not, as most people might think, either a teaching lesson about how to tame alligators or learning how to wear a terrible kind of shoe in a pretty way. It is actually from a woman named Mrs. Joan Kroc, whom was the widow of the founder of McDonalds; Ray Kroc. She donated 90 million American dollars to the Salvation Army in

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