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Organization and Management Essays Essay 2: Social Responsibility The many benefits of social responsibility to an enterprise include the ability to transform their diverse processes and systems so they deliver the greatest value to the environment while reducing costs and emissions, in addition to streamlining new product development and introduction strategies. An added benefit of pursuing social responsibility is the ability to unify the entire value chain of an enterprise to the goals of reducing carbon footprint, increasing efficiencies that also reduce the impact of production and service operations on the environment, while also increasing supply chain compliance to government requirements (Schnietz, Epstein, 2005). There are also the many benefits to reverse logistics operations and the dramatic reduction in supply chain costs over the long-term (Bartol, Tein, Matthews , Sharma & Scott-Ladd, 2010). When all the benefits of social responsibility are taken together, it is common to see entire comp[anise changed in the process, as Hewlett-Packard has been able to achieve for example with their many sustainability and Design for Environment (DfE) initiatives (Foote, Gaffney, Evans, 2010). HP has struggled in strategic decision-making yet their greatest accomplishments this century continue to be in their sustainability, DfE and corporate social responsibility programs that include funding for local start-ups throughout the Bay Area to benefit from their expertise and
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