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Hunter Shumate
Ms. Hudson
15 February, 2017
NAMI Presentation Paper The NAMI presentation that took place on February 2, 2017 had a really intriguing effect on me. NAMI stands for “National Alliance on Mental Illness”. NAMI provides the In Our Own Voice presentations, which are offered with the goal “to change attitudes, preconceived notions and stereotypes” about mental illness (NAMI North Carolina: North Carolina’s Voice on Mental Illness, n.d.). I am one to hold a stigma against those with mental disorders. The New Oxford American Dictionary says that, stigma is “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person” (Stevenson & Lindberg, 2011). Even after the presentation, I still do to some extent. The presentation did open my eyes to the fact that people with certain mental disorders can get the treatment they need to live some-what “normal” lives.
The presenters that arrived to class that day each disclosed that they had bipolar disorder, which “is characterized by debilitating episodes of mania (severe high moods), depression (severe low moods) and mixed states which contain elements of both high and low experiences” (NAMI, n.d.). Doran, is a perfect example of being able to live an almost normal life with a mental disorder. Doran’s case of bi-polar disease seemed to be a severe one as well. His time in Japan seemed to be what laid the foundation for his
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