Sample Resume : Business Administration

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University of Dammam
College of Business Administration
Department of Business Administration

1. Executive Summary 2

2. Company Background 3

3. Drivers of Establishing International Business 3-4

4. Alternative Foreign Countries 4-5

5. Environmental Analysis of Alternative Foreign Countries

6. Assessment of Alternative Foreign Countries

7. Final Foreign Country Selection

8. Assessment of Alternative Market Entry Strategies

9. Final Market Entry Strategy Selection

10. Conclusion

11. References

12. Individual Contribution Report

 Executive Summary:

This project tells us how we want to develop Albaik restaurant, and we must take into account all the purposes that help us to success.
Albaik restaurant is one of the largest restaurants in Saudi Arabia specializes in fried chicken. To develop the profits must be internationally or in the gulf countries, we want to expand our branches of the restaurant to have a branch in the gulf countries in order to access number of customers this means there is a greater opportunity to increase profits of Albaik restaurant.

After comparison and analysis between the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain we decided to choose the UAE because there are many reasons, such as in UAE the latest technology is available, Albaik will be able to offer the better service and product at a higher profit.

Also in order to continue the success of business, must choose an appropriate strategy, we decided to select

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