Sample Resume : Executive Assistant

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The purpose of this report is to present to you the career I have selected to research and write about, executive assistant, and to persuade you, as the teacher, to let me use this job as the foundation of the rest of the assignments in the class. Hoping it gets approved, I will use this career to complete all assignments in this class such as the “Get A Job!” assignment, containing multiple documents that I will need in the future.


Within the past few months, I became very interested in becoming an executive assistant. Living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, it is very easy to make quick money by waiting tables or bartending, which is what I have done for 4 years now. I recently had a child in July and …show more content…

Over the past few months I have been working with this company and finally figured this is the perfect fit for me. The fact that I am a very organized person helps me tremendously with this job. I have always been a leader or "bossy" as some would say, and this job fits me perfectly.
Meeting new people, getting to design and control a website and social media page, playing with numbers, managing a company, and learning so much more about construction than just building a house is what really made my choice for this career.


The minimum requirement for an executive assistant is an associate’s degree in office administration or office management. Depending on what level position, the company might require one to obtain a bachelor’s degree, which I am close to finishing. Accounting, business management, and business administration are just a few of the majors one could pursue for this career (“Executive Assistant”). Although a simple bachelor’s degree in business is enough, if one is interested in an executive position in the medical field, the company might require them to know medical terminology and medical insurance practices. For a law firm, the same thing would apply. That person will need to know about legal office procedures and processing legal information. Depending on the company one is working for, they might require

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