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Pre-Reflection Assignment #1 I will be completing this assignment for Chemical Engineering Lab 1 as an introduction to the writing and formatting process that is expected by Professor Burrows. During this writing, I will work to become familiar with the whole process of the lab report. This will include practicing how to format professional tables and plots, with clear and understandable information and captions. My previous experience with formatting reports in Microsoft Office and utilizing Microsoft Excel for tables and plots will be utilized. Strengths that I have come from my need to make the document have a professional look, as I have not only wanted to provide quality information, but also to make the report aesthetically pleasing. Places of improvement could include time efficiency, including effectively gathering data from online or public sources. I believe this first assignment will be at least sufficient with completing all of the tasks required with proper formatting, with a hope that what is sought after or expected will be completely understood. By doing this, a certain rhythm of writing the lab reports and completing further assignments may be obtained that will benefit me for the remainder of the semester. Abstract There are two main points of focus of the following material. The first is to develop an understanding of writing professional reports by collecting data that is used to properly format tables and graphs. The data that is included

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