Sample Resume : Dental Hygienist Essay

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After INRW I plan to finish college and become a Dental Hygienist. I’ve wanted to become a Dental Hygienist since I was in the 7th grade. When people think of a Dental Hygienist they think about cleaning teeth but, that’s not all they do. I can remember in school my friends saying “I hate going to the Dentist.” I always loved going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned, therefore I chose this career. As a Dental Hygienist, I will be able to teach people the importance of clean teeth. Dental Hygienist not only have a job with great salary, but their job also help people.
Where I’m going from here:
From here I plan to continue my Goal to become a Dental hygienist. I plan to continue my basics here at Grayson County College and receive my Associates Degree in Dental Assisting. When I receive my Associates Degree, I will start working in a Dentist office as a Dental Assistant. I will continue studying at Collin Country College to become a Dental Hygienist. My Goal is to be finished with my studying in four years.
What I’ve learned in INRW:
In INRW I have learned how to analyze an essay, write an essay, and revise an essay. When someone analyzes an essay, they should understand the objective of the essay. They will need to present some type of argument and have supporting evidence. It is always helpful to make an outline before you start writing your essay. If that person doesn’t know how to structure the paper they should always know that there should be an

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