Sample Resume : Network Management

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Table of Contents
Introduction to network management
3 Aim of the task
4 Objectives
Practical architecture design
5 Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)
4 Introduction
5 Installation 1
Introduction 3
Nagios Network Monitor 4
Open Vpn Server 5


There are various stages which we used to execute and planned in client and server system through virtual machine (Windows XP & Centos). Executions of a framework which i made as a private entry sort out in the time of openvpn (Vpn server) and access the affiliation possessions through Vmware workstation and the affiliation was secured in both client and server. The report plots DHCP, DNS Suffix, Nagios and open vpn setup approach of linux server, dissects some outline organizations with accomplishment results.

Goals of the task

Four individual stages are designed as takes after: 1. Your Linux server must be statically assigned an IP address in the segment with the Windows client being able to communicate with the server. A DHCP server should be running on your Linux box leasing addresses to the local segment.

2. a DNS name determination framework for determining locations. The DNS server must perform forward and reverse lookup operations. Name determination ought to be designed to utilize the above IP addresses and not the localhost (
3. A Nagios network monitoring system
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