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Start Cooking

When you are looking through the fridge and find that there is "nothing to eat", don 't go out and get a fast meal! The fast food industries may create a tasty, quick, and thrifty alternative to home cooked meals, but this is the perfect moment to start on learning the art of cooking yourself! People today steer clear of cooking because most believe they do not have the ability to create a good meal . But why? It 's one of the easiest things to do once you get some practice under your belt.

In the last two weeks, I have personally discovered the art of cooking. Ever since I watched Julie & Julia, I have had an itching to cook or to at least have some home quality meals. That movie made me so hungry! Plus, in a few months, I …show more content…

It 's easy! The internet has everything! I have never even touched a cookbook. By merely searching on Google, (my favorite site is although there are many more) you 'll find recipes posted by people all over the world. They range in difficulty from easy to hard, and some require 10 minutes to cook while others require all day. If you are a visual learners, there are also videos you can watch on YouTube. My mother 's favorite place to get recipes, on the other hand, is The Food Network on TV. Recently, I found that there are free cooking videos on ITunes. You can get them by just subscribing to the podcast they come with.

Before you get started, I have a few tips for you. In the beginning, go for the less complicated. It should have a small cooking time and not require too many ingredients. Maybe baking something like cookies would be the best. Something to get your confidence level up. You should never attempt a intermediate recipe when you are not ready. Because failing sometimes discourages people from ever trying again, and cooking is a art you can use all your life!

If your a busy person, make sure to take time into account. It may even be best to prepare your ingredients the day before. When I know I 'm going to be in a rush the next day, I may even prepare a batch of muffins the night before. That way, when running out of the house the next morning, I can just grab a muffin and be good to go. Plus, I love the taste! It makes my day

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