Samsung Seca: Redefining a Brand

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1. Problem Identification
Samsung SECA has successfully repositioned itself from an unremarkable producer of low-to-mid-market customer electronics and computer components into a provider of stylish, leading-edge consumer electronics due to its shift towards digital technology.
Despite efforts to redefine the Samsung brand which included aggressive promotional spending and launching of a number of high-end, “marquee” products, the old brand perception of the Samsung brand is still there. Hence Samsung was continuing to sell a number of lower-end products using the old brand positioning.
J.S. Park, the president of SECA needed to develop a plan or branding strategy in order to reinforce the
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The most suitable products could be the large-screen digital light projection HDTVs and its feature-rich mobile phones. Other products like air-conditioners, refrigerators and conventional TV set seem ill-suited for the high-tech image the company seeks to project.

b) Place (Distribution)
Samsung should stop selling their products via discount outlets. Since Samsung wants to focus on premium electronics and consumers shop for such products at specialty retailers, therefore Samsung needs to focus on high-end retailers such as Best Buy and Future Shop. Better yet, Samsung should open its own retail store.

c) Price
Samsung could use a pricing strategy to reinforce its new brand image. Currently, Samsung uses a premium pricing strategy for high-end products on which it built its reputation, and parity or discount pricing for its remaining offerings. The high variance in pricing may send a mixed message that could confuse their consumers, especially those who relate the price with the quality. If Samsung wants to be seen as a premium brand that offers unique value to customers, its pricing needs to be set accordingly in order to convey the right message.

d) Promotion
Advertising and promotions are core elements to be carefully considered in building a brand. Even though Samsung invested in advertising

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