Samsung : The Next Big Campaign

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Recent struggles between the two companies had ended with Samsung losing over a billion dollars to Apple in a case for patent dispute in which Samsung’s Galaxy Tab design was accused resembling iPhones and iPads. Lately, Samsung conducted an investigation of new Apple products and presented a plan to add the iPhone in a patent infringement lawsuit. Samsung’s “the next big” campaign, which openly challenges Apple quality, exacerbates the conflict. The advertisements publicize the dispute between the two companies while dismantling Apple products and portraying Samsung products as superior. For those that have no particular allegiance to either company’s products and are debating which of the two to purchase, the advertisements provide sensible reasons as to why Samsung products are a better choice. Additionally, the advertisements persuade the current Apple users that may have considered buying Apple products to quit looking ridiculous like the iPhone buyers waiting in line and purchase what is really best in quality, Samsung products. Samsung openly attacks Apple’s commercial for the iPhone: as the line-waiters are happy to get “the big screen” and “true 4G,” they find that these features are already found in Samsung Products; in fact, there are other new tools that the iPhone will not feature. During a time when people’s interest and desire for latest mobile devices are increasing, Samsung questions Apple’s credibility of selling the most up-to- date phones. The

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