Samuel Beckett 's Waiting For Godot

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In Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot, the use of seemingly useless repetition with subtle differences is seen throughout the play in a way that Beckett allows the audience to put their own meaning into the play. The play writer does this through the repetition of his setting, character’s actions and the creation of almost two identical days. In Waiting for Godot, we see a tragic comedy in which nothing happens, not once, but twice. In between the two acts, which are separate days in the play, we see the four characters: Vladimir, Estragon, Pozzo, and Lucky doing things that seem pointless. “He (Vladimir) takes off his hat, peers inside it, feels about inside it, shakes it, puts it on again” (17). Pointless things like this are seen …show more content…

Estragon ask Vladimir “How long have we been together all the time now?” and in response “I don’t know. Fifty years maybe” (183). From this, we can assume that somewhere in those fifty years they started their search for Godot. However, the question still arises, why do they continue to search for Godot?
The same type of question can be asked why do we go to school every day? For us university students, we have probably gone to school for around fourteen years. School can be thought of as endless torture, a tedious chore, or even as a gift. There are the good days and the days that Estragon has in Act 2 “Recognize! What is there to Recognize?” (207) where we forget everything that we just learned. Regardless of a student’s perspectives of school or day, we are here with a similar goal, to learn more and hopefully turn that into a career that is meaningful to us.
In Waiting for Godot, we as the audience are given the freedom by Beckett to decide why Estragon and Vladimir are waiting for Godot and why they have for as long as they have. Whether it may be because that Godot is a long lost relative, or because Godot is a supernatural character that can bestow good faith upon them, it is up to us. Just as we are to look for and define the meaning of why the characters consistently return to the same place in Waiting for Godot, we do the same for why we return to the same place we call "school". In Beckett’s play, if we don’t put

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