Samuel Colton Invented The First Rotating Barrel Revolver

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Samuel Colton invented the first rotating barrel revolver, later called Peacemaker, in 1835. He then started mass-producing it and supplying it to the armed forces as well as the common people, who benefited greatly from its reliability, portability and quick firing rate. This gun was the one used by the legendary cowboys and was the one with which they gained enormous amounts of glory. Ever since then, the Peacemaker has shaped American history in numerous ways and came to embody all the values like individualism, freedom and power that America stood for. The Colt revolvers, later called the Peacemakers, that were invented in the 19th century shaped American history not only by giving the U.S. armed forces and the Union army the upper hand and the power to subdue their enemies in monumental battles, but also by instilling in the people a strong sense of individualism and the mentality of the manifest destiny. To begin with, before the 1830s, the only guns that were available to the public and the military were the muskets and rifles, and primitive pistols. The muskets and rifles were very large in size, took a long amount of time to reload and were difficult to aim. Even though they might have been effective when used in large numbers at the frontline of the battlefields due to the heavy concentration of bullets they produced and since great accuracy was not required, they were not as practical or useful to the general public as their slow reload time and difficulty to

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