Santa Clause Argument

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Once the leaves begin to alter their color for the winter, most houses and businesses also change their appearance for the winter. Many families drag out their boxes of red and green to decorate their house for the holidays. Parents may brave a line stretching down the mall so their child can tell Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, what he or she wishes to unwrap on Christmas morning. Some parents question the effect of a child’s health or morals associated with the belief in Santa Claus, but, with research and psychologists weighing in on the subject, there is no tramatic evidence apparent in letting a child have faith in Santa Claus. Evidence gathered may suggest a benefit for children. Children should have the oportunity to believe in Santa Claus because it stems creativity and can improve mental health, shows youth an example of giving without expecting anything in return, and when the time comes, forces kids to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Fraser (2015) found the the individual whose story inspired the myth Santa, also known as Saint Nicholas, originates from a bishop living in Turkey in the third century. Nikoloas of Mrya refused to worship the then Roman Emperor Diocletian, and was imprisoned until Emperor Constantine freed the Christians five years later. He went on to show kindness and compassion by anonymously giving gifts to others without expecting anything in return. One such example occured when he placed gold coins in the stockings left out to

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