Personal Narrative: The Myth Of Santa Claus

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In 2005, ten-year-old Belle Adams had her dreams crushed after learning the truth about Santa Claus. Her mother, Nicki Adams, admitted to lying about Santa Claus being real. Belle never felt so betrayed. She reacts by writing an offensive note and sliding the note under her mother’s door. The note read, “You have no idea what you just did. I really tried to believe. Everyone told me it’s your parents. I can’t believe you anymore. Is the Easter bunny real, how about the tooth fairy, huh? You just ruined a 10-year-old child’s Life! Thanks! Nothing will make me feel better because you lied to me about something I Loved that Broke my Heart!” As we all know, Santa Claus is the one of the most famous mythologies of all time. Every Christmas Eve, …show more content…

A child learning about the myth of Santa Claus helps the process of development, and stimulates their cognitive development. Children will become interested in other ideas once they come to the realization of it being no Santa Claus. On the Today Show, Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo, a television producer and mother of two children, signified her belief that “there is a huge difference between telling your child a lie and allowing them to believe in the magic and mystery of the holidays.” It is One-Hundred Percent healthy for your child to believe in Santa Claus according to multiple psychologists and researchers. You cannot compare lying to your child about situations they could not understand versus allowing them to believe in Santa Claus. Dr. Janet Serwint a professor at the John Hopkins School of Medicine also stated, “Teaching your kids the myth of Santa Clause will not scar them for life.” While supporting my argument, this simple statement brings about questions amongst parents. If it does no psychological harm, then there should not be any concern of fraudulence towards the …show more content…

He over exaggerates often throughout the article, however he has a few solid points. I agree that it does not do much for their imagination, although studies have shown that it helps children throughout their stages of development. When lying to your child about the story of Santa Claus, you help stimulate the cognitive development that a child needs in order to grow into a healthy human being. Santa Claus continues to be a pertinent issue in society amongst parents and their children today. It can be very challenging to know which side you agree with based on your family culture, how you cultivated and what you believe in. In today’s society, few children believe in Santa because of so many available outlets pertaining to the issue. While children can easily receive an answer to their question, there has been an abundance of parents interested in what they should tell their children. Parents who want to make sure they are doing the right thing, however they sense not having the answers to everything dealing with this controversy. Santa Claus is a part of an everlasting Family Tradition that has been a part of Christmas for numerous years and will continue to

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