Santa Gertrudis Cattle Research Paper

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What does one think of when they see cattle at the local county fair? Do they classify them as a red cow or a black cow, or do they know that each cow is possibly a different breed? In today’s era, most individuals do not understand all the subtitles beneath the title of simply cattle. There are a variety of breeds, and each breed offers different benefits and usages. What lies beneath the title of just cattle is more diverse than black and white. To begin with, Santa Gertrudis cattle are a tropical beef breed of cattle developed in southern Texas on King Ranch. This breed was officially recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1940, becoming the first beef breed formed in the United States. The breed originated first …show more content…

The breed was introduced to the southern United States from Mexico around the late 1950s. France’s desires raised the demand for Charolais cattle. French breeders stressed the need for rapid growth in addition to cattle that would ultimately reach a large size. No other breed has impacted the North American beef industry so significantly as the Charolais breed has. The Charolais breed came into widespread use in the United States cattle industry at a time when producers were seeking larger framed, heavier cattle than the traditional British breeds. Their ability to walk, graze aggressively in warm weather, withstand the cold, produce adequate milk, and raise heavy calves has developed a demand for the breed in ranches nationwide. Bulls have developed a well-earned reputation when due to their use of grading-up for herd improvement. This is especially noted when they are used in herds where size and ruggedness are lacking. Charolais are white or creamy white in color, but the skin carries appreciable pigmentation. The hair coat is usually short in summer but thickens and lengthens in cold

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