Sap Crm : A Part Of The Sap

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SAP CRM is a part of the SAP business suite which enables organizations to direct on strategies for customer aimed development and to separate themselves and gain competitive advantage in the market by providing exceptionally good experience to the customers. Managing customer relations starts with marketing a product to selling the product and ends with after sales service. SAP CRM includes interaction with customers, distributors, retailers and others to give support with sales, presales and after sales service.
SAP CRM in an enterprise helps to enhance decision-making ability of an organization, reduce cost and also to compete effectively and efficiently over the long term it helps to accomplish differentiated capabilities. The focus of
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• Lead Management-cover areas such as management of multiple interaction channels, web based leads, dispatch leads
• Segmentation and list management-cover areas such as data mining, segmentation of customer and other information.
• Trade promotion management-cover areas such as trade related processes, trade analytics, trade fund management.

b) Sales-For planning, forecasting and follow up on the sales leads various sales tools are used which gather key sales information/ data and save salespeople time and efforts. Analytical tools helps in forecasting future sales activity and other sales related information. SAP CRM offers the following features:
• Sales Planning and Forecasting-cover areas such as collaboration, reporting of forecasting information, flexible planning
• Accounts and Contacts-cover areas such as interaction history of sales, relationship management information about partners, customers, sales visit
• Territory Management-cover areas such as sales territory coverage, sales analysis, monitoring, management and synchronization of sales force.
• Opportunity Management- cover areas such as identify key decision makers, outbound activities, use of sales methodology, organize competitive information
• Pricing and Contracts- cover areas such as sales agreements, negotiation of contracts, processing of release order
• Time and Travel- cover areas
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