Sapa Vs Big Five

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Both of these test, Sapa and Big Five, were very similar in the results. They both found that Sherlock was an extravert, closed minded, generally relaxed, and disagreeable. This was very accurate to my character. The explanations for both test seem to be aimed at the generally speaking more mentally stable person than for someone who is unstable. For example the explanation they give for an extravert is prefer to be around people a lot of the time and are sociable, outgoing, energetic, and lively, but it doesn’t cover the fact that Sherlock only is social because he wants something, not because he is outgoing. The SAPA test also found that he lacks in integrity, and is somewhat emotionally stable. Both of those I found incorrect Sherlock. The …show more content…

Though most people want to believe they are individuals that unique, it has been proven in this class as well as my previous classes that is not true. I am just surprised how these test show how our personalities can be as few as four traits or as many as 4,000. My problem with these test are that individuals can easy to control the outcome. So to me they are not as accurate some test because the person taking it can change the outcome for their advantage. I took the Big Five Personality Test twice as myself and was able to make the test results be whatever I wanted them to be. Definitely being able to use the tests as a tool can be a helpful resource, but I believe they can only be used as a starting point. These test are all easy to take the longest one took me about 45 minutes and that was the SAPA project but the Big Five Personality Test only took about 15 minutes. I feel that the two test that I took showed my characters personality almost perfect. I also took the same two tests just for fun as Dr. Watson and they also came extremely accurate. What was amazing to me was how the two characters personalities seem so different and it made me wonder how they work so well together, but when I took the test many of their personality traits were within points. I definitely see how these test could be helpful in determining someone’s personality, but relieved that they are never taken as fact on their

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