The Personality Dimensions Test For A Team Environment

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Taking the Personality Dimensions test was very good to gain insight into both the personalities myself and my peers. An increased awareness of how different people work, communicate, and gain their energy is so important in order to be able to appreciate the differences of others, which will ultimately prepare a student for being a more effective worker in a team environment.
Part One – My Personality Dimension Colours
I have very strong organizational skills, which is a telling trait that I am strongly Gold. I constantly make use of Google Keep, a note-taking application which I use for checklists to keep track everything I need to do from homework to grocery shopping lists. I find it very helpful for me to keep track of …show more content…

My keen attention to detail also allows me to help friends and family with enthusiasm when they come to me with something they’d like me to proofread for them. Not only am I very attentive to details as a strong Gold, but I also really enjoy work that requires me to be detail-oriented.
For my secondary colour, Blue, I feel that the trait I identify with most is the desire for self-actualization and personal growth. For much of my life, I have struggled with self-image and self-esteem, but at the present time I spend a lot more of my energy on the potential that I do have to be a better version of myself, and I really value the idea of personal growth. Specifically, I have adopted a much more positive outlook on things than that of what I used to have. I spend much less time being anxious about what people will think of me, and have shifted my focus more to improving my own self, both mentally and physically. I also feel I am far less judgmental of people now, because I realize that every person is just trying to do their own thing—work towards their own goals—and it is not constructive for anyone to be judgmental about petty things. I greatly value self-actualization and personal growth, which makes me confident that Blue is a colour that

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