Sarah Server's Complaint In The Workplace

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3. Other Infomation that might trigger an additional investigation (Shannon)
During the investigation, there were several indications that happened prior to Sarah’s complaint that prompted us to consider that investigation efforts should increase. As stated Charlie had a history of making jokes in the workplace; fellow employees, particularly Sarah Server, found some of the jokes offensive. According to Steingold to prevent harassment from occurring in the workplace, employers should engage in continual training and inform employees about creating and maintaining a safe work environment. While investigating Sarah Server’s complaint, it appeared Manny Manager has not arranged for sexual harassment trainings for his employees. Manny stated
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Sarah can regard this situation as retaliation by Manny. The textbook writes that it’s illegal to retaliate against an employee for opposing illegal discrimination, filing a complaint under Title VII, or for cooperating in the investigation of such a complaint (Steingold, p.377). It is imporatant for Manny to talk with Sarah to figure out how they can fix Sarah’s shift. When talikng with Sarah, Manny should inform that the company wants to make Sarah feel safe and comfortable. He should also emhasize the company’s confidentiality and retaliation policies to show Sarah that he will manage the problem…show more content…
It is important to set a strong policy which describes specific prohibited conducts and penalties against workplace harassment, so that employees understand the risk of committing such problems. Besides, Steingold asserts that distributing a copy of the policy to each employee or put the policy statement in the company’s employee handbook is effective. However, employees were given handbooks which describe the company’s sexual harassment policy and the policy is also posted in the break room according to Manny Manager, Nonetheless, it seems employees are not aware of the risk of committing sexual harassement. At this point, it is necessary to give penalties to Charlie and Manny for the harassment according to the policy. This will prevent future harassment cases because they will be afraid of punished again. When imposing punishment, the company should be careful not to disclose private personal matters to keep the
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