Sartre's Effect Of Existentialism

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Some people talk about how mankind is. That "man of philosophers," as Paler called him, would be much different from the real man, as he is. When Sartre wanted to define existentialism, he affirmed that the followers of this orientation are convinced that "existence precedes the essence." In the case of an object, for example, it existed in the mind of the craftsman, be it designer. In the case of man, the French philosopher believes, the things are totally different. We, men, do not preexist our existence, we do not have a fate that is written on a blackboard there in the heavens.We come to the world without any mission, but this mission appears and unfolds during we live. “Man is nothing but what he makes of himself says Satre. This means that existence precedes existence. "The first effect of existentialism is that it puts every man in his possession as he is, and puts all the responsibility for his existence directly on his shoulders." Not fate, …show more content…

Generally, existentialism recognizes that human knowledge is limited and unsuccessful. A person can devote his life to his truth and his search, but that does not mean that he finds the right truth or does not misunderstand him. Sartre says: "When I choose, I choose for everyone." This argument of Sartre is not a moral argument, but an ontological argument, a world argument, a description of the reality of the world and the human decision.
In " Being and Nothingness," Sartre speaks of the effulgence of Ego through action. I mean, I'm human, I'm free. I can decide for myself on my actions. What I'm going to be in the end is what I decide to be. My actions are not trivial but definitive of my Ego. But the real value of existentialism is a philosophical mental experiment to understand the consequences derived from the existence of such a world. It would be a nightmare. An absurd world whose content would be empty and useless.
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