Satire is Used in the Portraits, Gin Lane, by William Hogarth and Untitled by Paul Kuczynsk

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What is satire? According to, satire is “The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.” This literary device is portrayed heavily in both the illustrations “Gin Lane” by William Hogarth and in “Untitled” by Paul Kuczynski. “Gin Lane” is basically an illustration by William Hogarth that depicts life in the gin shops and shows the negative effects the drink had on the people of London. It shines a light on the horrible circumstances London was under when gin was introduced to its people. “Unititled” is an illustration by Paul Kuczynski that represents how our current society…show more content…
In the top story of one the buildings fortunate to still be standing, is a man who has hung himself from the rafters. Willaim Hogarth used all these startling scenes to grab the attention of the viewer and give them an insight on London at its lowest. Through “Gin Lane,” Hogarth expressed the ravenous effects gin had on the people of London and how it affected the living environment as well. “Untitled” by Paul Kuczynski also contains satire, however the author of this portrait uses satire to depict the theme of isolation, instead of misery, poverty, ruin and neglect. This simple, yet thought provoking picture, shows a man looking through a periscope that is shaped like the Facebook symbol, to see through a window above an open door. The door is not barricaded in any way, shape or form, so the man is able to walk outside and see what is going on in the world first hand. Instead, he chooses to stay inside by himself and view the world through Facebook. Through “Untitled,” Kuczynski conveys the message that social media interaction is overtaking physical interaction. People are more likely to go on social media to find out what is happening than to go out and experience it themselves. Kuczynski’s painting greatly showcases that even in its simplicity. Despite the fact that both pieces of art contain various differences, they contain similarities as well. Some of the differences include the message portrayed, themes and the style of drawing. In Hogarth’s
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