Saudy Zepeda. Professor Guevara. English 50. February 3,

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Saudy Zepeda Professor Guevara English 50 February 3, 2017 Don 't be fooled We are what we consume. Now think about it and it seems to make perfect sense. Consumption goes beyond solving practical and utilitarian problems. It is a mean of communication. Consumption plays a key role in our social, psychological, economic, political and cultural lives. In unit 4, we looked at a few people who presented new ideas in an intriguing way. Society decides that we take action to help others in emergency situations, but often, we don 't. Darley and Latane greatly contributed to explaining a confusing human behavior. In the famous case of Genovese, where 38 bystanders watched a woman get brutally murdered, they all chose to do nothing in rescue of …show more content…

The truth can be very hard to find when it 's all mixed in with reliable information provided by honest sources. It is rapidly becoming an accepted part of the way the American media are run. I remember a particular rumor I saw on social media of a man named Devorise Dixon who seemed to fool social media and news reporters with a picture of what he claimed was a deep fried rat served to him by a KFC in California. After making the Internet vomit, including myself, it turned out to be that his story was completely false. KFC pressured Dixon into handing over the fried rodent for testing. After lab tests KFC announced that the meat was indeed just chicken. Everybody makes mistakes. However, thanks to the internet, anything you say or publish online is set in stone forever. Don 't believe everything you see. A natural instinct for us humans is to believe what we want to believe. Throughout my life, I have experienced my personal encounterments of confirmation bias. Confirmation bias occurs from the direct influence of desires on beliefs. When people would like a certain idea or concept to be true, they end up believing it to be true. Thus, we may become prisoners of our own assumptions. For example, my mother would always stop me from going outside without a hat or raincoat when it was raining or even a little chilly. She said that if I didn 't wear my

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