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Savanah Grace Xiuzhi Christensen, 101, recently of Blackfoot, Idaho, died suddenly this past Saturday of a bizarre occurrence of a cow falling through the roof. The cow somehow managed to get itself onto a nearby roof and found its way onto her roof. The cow then fell through the roof killing her but leaving her cats unharmed. The cow, whose name is Juju, survived the fall and will be attending the funeral a week proceeding her death.
Savanah Christensen was born on the blessed day of March 6, 1999 in Hangzhou, China. She was adopted at age one and raised by her mother Rebecca Christensen in Blackfoot, Idaho along with her two sisters also from China. Throughout her life, she became an avid cat lover. From the tender age of 6, she knew she was destined for greatness. One of her only dreams was to own a plethora of cats and live by herself. In her quest to achieve this, she …show more content…

In her old age, she became a bit senile and claimed to have adopted one of her cats from off the street. In actuality she had broken into a zoo and stole one of their baby tigers. She evaded the police and lived the remainder of her life in peace and raised her kittens…and tiger.
Savanah Christensen had many role models that she lived her life by following. Some of those role models included Garfield, Sylvester the Cat and Albert, her long-time companion cat that had passed away three years previously. She also was a fan of T-Swift, Taylor Swift for all of you who didn’t know, because Taylor was the owner of multiple cats.
She is survived by her 9 cats including her stolen tiger, Henry, Ethel, Bartholomew, Frederick, Muffin (the tiger), Iphogenia, Fran, Betsy, and Felix. She will be sadly and sorely missed by her many cats and associates. In her passing, she will be reunited with her multitude of feline friends that have passed away before her. In her will, she has left behind everything to her

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